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RAC Motorbike Insurance provides motorbike insurance which is underwritten by our insurance partners. Before we can provide you with a quote we need to collect some basic details. To protect our customers we carry out a number of anti–fraud checks, including checks with credit reference agencies, to confirm the accuracy of your information and to assist us with the assessment of your application. These take place both during and after your application. Please take reasonable care to ensure all of the details you enter are correct and accurate.

Personal information

Marital status
Have you ever been refused insurance, had insurance cancelled, declined or voided, or have had special terms imposed?
Have you any unspent or pending non-motoring convictions?
Do you have any DVLA reportable medical conditions or disabilities?
Have you been a UK resident since birth?
What type of property is this?
Are you a homeowner?
How would you like to be contacted?

Your driving licence

Type of motorcycle licence

Your occupation

E.g. a shop assistant would type retail and a teacher would type education.
Do you have a second occupation?

Your cover

Type of cover required
Would you like to pay for your insurance by direct debit?

Claims & Convictions

Have you had any accidents or losses, whether claimed or not and regardless of blame, within the last 5 years?
Have you had any motoring convictions, driving licence endorsements, or fixed penalties, including any which are pending or not spent, or have you been disqualified from driving, within the last 5 years?

Additional riders